The Light of Used Clothes

“My boyfriend kicked me out, leaving me nothing,” said Jenny* when she explained to long-time volunteer Pat Strawder why she needed an entirely new wardrobe. Pat was able to help the young lady “shop” for everything from undergarments to a coat because you donated your gently used clothing to Rescued Treasures, our free clothing shop.

“After a hard rain, many people living in tents can lose all their clothes (because they cannot dry them). It’s  heartbreaking.” Pat loves to serve people in their greatest need, so after more than twenty-five years volunteering at the Mission, her favorite position is in Rescued Treasures, where she helps people directly, one on one.

Some people who benefit from Rescued Treasures eventually serve there because of the acceptance they experience. Diane, experiencing homelessness, says, “I’ve gotten clothes from Rescued Treasures several times. I’ve also volunteered to organize clothes. Chrissy (Rescued Treasures Coordinator) is the best over there. Even if you are alone at the holidays, you’re never alone here (at the Mission). Miss Teri (Kwiatek) was always after me about going to church. Now I have brought others to church – like my brother.”

Many people come in for a warm sweater, a pair of pants, or a new coat. But they experience so much more: the abundant love of Christ demonstrated through you, who provide the much-needed clothing items, and volunteers who
share their hearts and time with those receiving these items.

* Not her real name


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