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Food Distribution Center

Chinese Refugee Pursues Freedom in Frederick

Lanjian Zhao risked his life to practice freedom of speech in China and suffered horrible consequences from Chinese authorities. Now he volunteers, giving out the groceries you help provide to the community through our Food Distribution Center.

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 Imagine organizing over 1,000 volunteer shifts and hundreds of people. That’s what Carolyn Chandler and Lisa Catania do every month, displaying endless enthusiasm while feeding

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Bread of Life Kitchen

Hot Food with a Side of Prayer

A new study from Hunger Free America finds that food insecurity is snowballing nationwide. The number of people who self-reported as being without enough to

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Bread of Life Kitchen

Results-Oriented Homeless Ministry

When Howard and Lynn started volunteering with us 16 years ago, they had no idea their service would blossom into the ministry it is today. Howard explains, “I thought I’d just plop some food on plates, and that would be it. I didn’t know there would be all this opportunity to care for people!”

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