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Rescuing from Poverty: The Best of the Best

You are helping Brittany make a better life for herself and her autistic son. Just a few years ago, they were living in a shelter in New York City, and now they share a three-bedroom apartment in Frederick. 

When Brittany saw that she could not get the services necessary for her son to thrive in New York, she knew she had to make a change. Family members had encouraged her to move to Frederick for years, so she made the leap. 

“Moving to Frederick was my best decision ever. This town has the best resources for me and for my son!” 

When Brittany first moved to Frederick, she lived in a Motel 6. The Religious Coalition (now called Beyond Shelter Frederick), a close partner with the Mission, helped Brittany get into a small studio apartment. Brittany got a home health aide job and soon moved into a three-bedroom apartment. 

She enrolled her son in Carroll Manor, where he is thriving. “When we moved here, he wasn’t talking at all. Now he won’t hush!” Her son is now eight years old. 

When a social worker saw that Brittany and her son lacked adequate winter clothing, she recommended Frederick Rescue Mission. Rescued Treasures Director, Chrissy Erlich spent over an hour with Brittany and her son to ensure they got everything they needed. 

Brittany was moved by how helpful and friendly everyone was at the Mission. “Everyone is so nice! The volunteers are sweethearts!” Her experience motivated her to volunteer at Rescued Treasures every week; Chrissy says she is a very hard worker. 

In her most challenging days, Brittany also received food from the Mission. Now, she clips coupons to save money at the grocery store. She is working on her GED at Frederick Community College and plans to begin CNA classes in the fall. 

Even though you have probably not met Brittany, you are part of her story. Your support helps Brittany and many like her to provide the best of the best for their families.


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