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Faith House

A Mother’s Desperation for Stability

When Rose* first rang the doorbell at Faith House, she was terrified and exhausted. She might not have had the courage to approach the door if she wasn’t desperate to provide stability for her children, ages five and eight. The three of them clutched hands when the door opened. The children looked like deer in headlights.

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Faith House Director Ashley Garland
Faith House

Welcome Our New Faith House Director

“God has taken my ashes and turned them into something beautiful*. I want to help other women experience the same thing.” It has only been six years since Ashley Garland escaped an abusive marriage, also rescuing her three-year-old son. Since then, she has attended Bible college, worked with at-risk youth, and pastored a church.

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Changed Life Recovery Program

Man of Prayer

Today, Robert Lennox is a man of prayer. Last fall, Robert lived on his own with a steady job, and though he was an alcoholic, he managed to control his drinking—most of the time. However, about once a month, his regrets and self-condemnation would overwhelm him to the point where the only way to quiet the voices was to get black-out drunk. He was constantly miserable and knew something had to change.

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