Letter from Our Executive Director

In D.C., the Korean War Memorial sums it up so well with this inscription: “Freedom is not free.” Freedom doesn’t just happen; freedom must be fought for and protected. Someone or something is always nearby to seize control and exercise some form of tyranny. This July 4th, we need to be thankful that those before us fought and sacrificed themselves so we can be free. May God help us to protect the freedoms we have for future generations.

In the same way, we celebrate even more so because of the freedom found in Jesus Christ. He fought for us and died on a cross to free us from our sins and self-centeredness. He rose from the dead and reigns on our behalf. We can have a real relationship with Almighty God!

Freedom is not the removal of responsibility but the power to overcome and arrive at a place of being authentic.

We live in the greatest country and have available to us the love and power of Christ. Now we can be free to become who God created us to be – servants of the Most High!

Arnold Farlow – Executive Director


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