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A Joyful Home

When Kourtney* moved to Faith House with her two small children, her kids were tucked in a turtle shell, their sweet spirits hidden. They avoided the other children in the residence. However, with time and the caring community at Faith House, they blossomed into joyful and sociable children, forming deep connections with their peers. Even after moving into their own apartment, they were eager to return to visit their friends at Faith House—a testament to the lasting impact of the supportive environment they found there.

You’re fostering an environment where they can thrive and bring joy to everyone around them. This ripple effect of healing extends to their mothers and all residents who have experienced trauma.

When mothers first arrive at Faith House, they often feel overwhelmed, their lives having been turned upside down. They are in crisis, just trying to survive, and their kids tag along without any structure. Faith House Case Manager Tina Cullum says, “Faith House provides a nurturing rhythm and routine. This fosters calm stability for our families.” The Faith House team guides families by creating productive structure—first for the moms, then the children relish in the fruits of their efforts. Mothers are also encouraged to take time to delight and play with their children.

The staff at Faith House works to empower these mothers, teaching them to become loving and gentle leaders in their children’s lives. By guiding mothers in a calm environment, Faith House equips them with the tools to nurture their children effectively. Additionally, through carefully planned family excursions and volunteer-led play sessions, mothers and their children create lasting memories that transcend their time at Faith House.

Tina eloquently sums up the transformative power of Faith House: “The kids here bond. They learn that they are not the only ones going through difficult circumstances. As a result, Faith House is often filled with laughter; there is a lot of joy here.” Through your continued support, Faith House can continue to be an oasis of hope and healing for mothers and children in need.

* Not her real name


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