When Reese was 13, he dreamed of joining the military. Last month, you made that dream come true.

Reese was homeschooled but only educated through the 10th grade because of family distress. He wanted to serve his country and desired the opportunities of military experience. However, he knew he could not pursue his dream if he did not have a high school diploma or a GED.

Conflict in Reese’s family forced him to move out when he turned 18, and he stayed at Motel 6 for two months. Reese found a job at Aldi to support himself but never let go of his dream to join the Service.

Reese’s pastor helped him research GED programs, and they learned about Frederick Rescue Mission’s Learning Center. Every weekday, Chris Bugher, the Learning Center Director, and her volunteers help people learn new things. They serve men from our residential recovery program, women at Faith House, volunteers, and anyone from the community. They help people study for the GED and assist with computer skills, job preparation, and other educational goals.

When Reese walked into the Mission last November, he was nervous, unsure if he could learn all he needed to know to pass the GED. Once he got to know Chris, his confidence increased. “I really like this place. I feel welcome here.”

When Chris met Reese, she perceived that he was very bright. When she tested his proficiency, her impression was confirmed. After that, Reese completed every assignment.

After just two months of coming to the Learning Center, Chris encouraged Reese to take the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) and the GED test. He passed both on the first try! He said, “If I hadn’t come here, I couldn’t have passed.”

Chris put Reese in touch with a Navy recruiter, and Reese immediately enlisted. He left for boot camp just a few weeks ago. Your partnership with the Mission made Reese’s dream come true! You provide a path to success for dozens of men and women through the Mission’s Learning Center each year.


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