The Powerful Influence of Love

“I come in on my days off to see if I can save another brother.” Donnie White is the enthusiastic Night Manager for the Changed Life Recovery Program (CLRP). Your support makes employing Donnie five nights a week possible, sharing God’s love with the Mission’s residents. He is also responsible for ensuring the men follow their disciplines.

Donnie’s large extended family coordinated an intervention and persuaded Donnie to enter the CLRP. “I didn’t know nothin’ about Jesus, and I wanted to leave the Mission. But I thought about everyone who cared enough about me to get me into this program, and I stayed.” Soon, he was won over by the Mission’s environment of love.

“The volunteers in the CLRP show a lot of love for the guys here. They take you to appointments, take you out to eat, and just spend time with you.” Because of their example, Donnie paid attention to what they were teaching him. While at a retreat with the CLRP, Donnie had an experience with the Holy Spirit that changed his life, and he surrendered to Jesus. “I was dying, and God healed me!” This was true physically as well as spiritually.

Before Donnie entered the CLRP, he was diagnosed with kidney failure and sorosis of the liver. His doctor gave him a death sentence, saying he could live for a month or up to a year. After seven months in the CLRP, his doctor was shocked to discover he was improving! Today, Donnie has a clean bill of health. Now, Donnie loves to tell his story to the Mission’s residents. “I took this position to help the guys who are where I was a few years ago. I want to show them God’s love.” Your partnership with the Mission allows Donnie to pass on the love shown to him.


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