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Blessings in Walkersville

Look what you made happen! Every day, at our downtown Frederick campus, you enable us to give food, clothing, toiletries, and ministry. On October 10th, you blessed people with these items, from the parking  lot of Calvary Assembly in Walkersville. The church partnered with us to host the outreach event, and  more than 75 members worked seamlessly with us to distribute all that you helped provide. Volunteers  also prayed with guests and delighted the kids with balloon animals and face painting.

A mother and her six children, the youngest of whom had Down Syndrome, were thrilled as volunteers filled their car with bags of groceries, including beef, bread, produce, and packaged goods. Once the  trunk was full, they received winter coats, hats, gloves, and sweaters, plus a large variety of personal care items — all available because you gave. We saw first-hand how you created that joy through your support.

A man in his sixties approached the clothing racks with a pronounced limp. He said he’s had a hard year and hopes to qualify for disability benefits. He had not been to church in the decades since he got married—coincidentally, at Calvary. This gentleman was overwhelmingly grateful for the food and  supplies that were provided because you cared.

The prayer station remained busy all evening with many guests asking the team to pray for family  members and reconciled relationships. Calvary also distributed Bibles in Spanish and English with many people gladly accepting. One gentleman told a prayer team minister, that he “used to walk with Christ but took back control of his life five years ago”. The man now regretted walking away from the Lord and prayed to renew his commitment to God.

We are thankful for the abundant blessings that God has poured out into both ministry and practical needs. THANK YOU for all you do to love our community!


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Reese was homeschooled but only educated through the 10th grade because of family distress. He wanted to serve his country and desired the opportunities of military experience. However, he knew he could not pursue his dream if he did not have a high school diploma or a GED.

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