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A Light in for the future

Stories like Jane’s* are in the news from time to time – mom struggled with substance use disorder and married a dangerous man. As a result, her children were removed from her home more than two years ago, and Jane was couch-surfing in friends’ living rooms.

Because of Faith House, this mom has hope for the future. Jane is now successfully in recovery, safely divorced, and gainfully employed – so she was able to come to the Faith House transitional living program after being referred by a graduate of our men’s Changed Live Recovery Program (who is now a leader in a faith-based organization and Jane’s employer!).

Jane eagerly embraced the wrap-around support offered by Faith House to begin healing from her past, save money for her own home and rebuild her relationship with her twin elementary-aged daughters. Because of the stability Jane has at Faith House, the court dismissed the case against her (to remove her parental rights) and is helping to reunite the girls with their mom. When the daughters visited Jane at Faith House recently, they were both so excited to see the bedroom in the apartment they will soon share as a family together.

*Not her real name


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A Joyful Home

When Kourtney* moved to Faith House with her two small children, her kids were tucked in a turtle shell, their sweet spirits hidden. They avoided the other children in the residence. However, with time and the caring community at Faith House, they blossomed into joyful and sociable children, forming deep connections with their peers.

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