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The Making of the Faith House Team



When Faith House Director, Kathy Schey, thought about building the staff of Faith House, she knew it had to be a “God-anointed and God-appointed team.” With the four C’s — character, competency, compatibility, and calling — preeminent in her mind, she prayed as she moved forward with the important process of selecting and hiring those who would work with the women residing at Faith House.

“I knew that God would be faithful in this, just as he has been with all of Faith House,” she mentioned. His faithfulness became evident as she started the search for a case manager and house managers.

Miles away, Laura Hanlon, who had stepped away from the professional world to be with her children, was beginning to pray about going back to work.

“I was talking to God about it and asking him for clarity,” said Hanlon. “After exploring a few options that didn’t work out, I felt like it was just time to wait for God to do something.”

Two days later, she was introduced to Kathy Schey by a mutual friend.

“I really just wanted to talk to her about her experience with life-skills development,” Kathy said about their first meeting. “But as we talked, it was clear she had the experience, talent, and passion that Faith House needs.”

Laura’s master’s degree in Community and School Counseling from Regent University and her experience as a case manager for a Montgomery County nonprofit program working with low-income single women certainly qualified her for the role.

After she was offered the position, Laura signed on gladly, excited about the opportunity to work in a Christ-centered environment and to connect with the women of Faith House on a spiritual level.

“It doesn’t get more holistic than this,” she said of the 90-day program offered by Faith House, designed to serve a woman’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs. “I love that this program addresses the whole individual.”

Like Laura, Dawn Ray was also drawn to Faith House because of the opportunity to connect with the women and share her journey of faith with them. After years of drug addiction, homelessness, and shuffling in and out of rehabs, detention centers and prison, Dawn experienced a transformation through the power of Jesus. Now 12 years clean, Dawn sees her role as one of the house managers at Faith House to “give hope, be a positive role model, and show women that they too can become victorious with Jesus.”

As Laura and Dawn came on board, there were still more pieces of the puzzle to fill, since Faith House would be staffed around the clock. “I knew I wanted people committed to the mission of Faith House and were compatible with who we had already hired,” said Kathy.

At that time, Lenora Staley, a steadfast Mission volunteer serving 960 hours in 2015, put in her application for house manager. Lenora’s proven commitment to the cause and desire to see lives changed was evident and a reason to bring her on board. “I love seeing the progress people make,” Lenora said. “I enjoy seeing them get back on their feet and get back out into the world.”

Similarly, Kim Yos found herself looking for a job, wanting to share the transformational power of God, as well as utilize her experience as a life skills mentor at San-Mar Children’s Home and The Arc of Washington County. “When I heard about Faith House, I jumped at the opportunity,” Kim said.

As the team has been woven together and still continues to grow, Kathy reflected on how God has answered prayer thus far. “For everyone I’ve hired, it’s more than a job, it’s a ministry and a calling,” she said. “This group is very passionate about serving God and deeply committed to encouraging and resourcing the lives of women.”

The Mission is encouraged and grateful for God’s provision over the structure of Faith House from the building to the staff — may he continue to add to the team as we rely on him.


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