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A Message From Teri Kwiatek, Outreach Coordinator

Our Summer Enrichment Camp began in 2008 as a partnership between the community and FCPS city elementary schools. The goal was to help students more easily bridge their recent and upcoming academic years. The program was created to offer elementary students learning in a fun and safe environment, as well as to give the local Frederick community an avenue to invest positively in the lives of children in need.  We focus on grade-appropriate academic goals for the students, social and behavioral growth, and spiritual development as we incorporate lessons from the Bible to teach character building.

Due to the pandemic last year, we are putting our efforts this summer toward social interaction.  We realize that kids missed out with not only seeing each other but PLAYING with each other.  One of the things parents have expressed appreciation for about our camp is the camper-to-adult ratio, which we maintain at one adult to every three kids.  Therefore, kids not only get to learn social interaction with their peers, but they also have an actively listening adult around them the entire time they are at our camp.  One volunteer stated that her favorite time of camp is recess. She sits on a park bench and the kids just come and talk with her.

Outreach Coordinator Teri Kwiatek

Our time is a precious gift to give someone, and at our Summer Enrichment Camp, our kids get a chance to play and be heard!  If you would like to know more about our camp, please visit our website at


If you would like to support the Mission, please visit our Giving or Current Needs pages.

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Reese was homeschooled but only educated through the 10th grade because of family distress. He wanted to serve his country and desired the opportunities of military experience. However, he knew he could not pursue his dream if he did not have a high school diploma or a GED.

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