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In more impoverished countries, Christians are known as people who help others during their weakest seasons. Often, if a town or village has a hospital, an orphanage, a leper colony, etc., it is the Christians who run it. The reason is simple: Jesus instructed his followers to behave that way. “When you did it to the least of these, my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!” (Matthew 25:40, NLT). However, Americans don’t necessarily associate the Church with help to suffering people. You show the Church in Frederick to be a community of action!

At Frederick Rescue Mission, compassionate servants help people recover from hunger, poverty, and addiction every day. Many of these servants come together from local churches. 

  • From Buckeystown: volunteer together in Rescued Treasures, assisting people who receive clothes for free. They also bring homemade dinners to our Changed Life Recovery Program (CLRP) residents every month. In fact, seven different churches take turns bringing meals to the residents.
  • Churches in Frederick and Thurmont allow the Mission to hold our Summer Enrichment Camp on their properties.
  • From Montgomery County: two churches send volunteers to serve at our Summer Enrichment Camp. A total of 10 different churches help operate our camp!
  • From Baltimore: run clothing drives for the Mission and serve at our special events.
  • From Frederick: teach the men in the CLRP every week and serve at our special events.
  • From Frederick: coordinate massive food and toy drives for the Mission. They also collect toiletries and household items for Faith House. They do a biweekly small group for CLRP and mentor the residents. They have baptized 16 men so far!
  • From northern Frederick: collect furniture, microwaves, and other items necessary for people transitioning out of homelessness. That church also holds breakfast Bible studies for our guests every Saturday morning.

This is what disciples of Jesus look like, and your support allows opportunities for all these churches to put their faith into action.


If you would like to support the Mission, please visit our Giving or Current Needs pages.

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