A Mother’s Desperation for Stability

When Rose* first rang the doorbell at Faith House, she was terrified and exhausted. She might not have had the courage to approach the door if she wasn’t desperate to provide stability for her children, ages five and eight. The three of them clutched hands when the door opened. The children looked like deer in headlights.

Kylee, Rose’s eight-year-old daughter, had recently saved her mother’s life.

When Rose’s husband threatened to kill her, Kylee intervened and screamed for help. The man released his grip on Rose, and the three escaped to a neighbor’s house. Rose called the police, who arrested her husband.

Rose and her children went to Heartly House, a shelter for abuse victims. They helped Rose obtain peace orders, gave her legal advice, and referred her to Faith House, where you help women and children in crisis find stability.

At first, success for a guest at Faith House often means catching up on badly needed sleep. Then, victory means mastering routines like getting up and getting dressed. Rose and her children went through these stages.

You facilitated Rose’s Faith House Program Support Coach to guide her path to success. The coach helped Rose find employment and therapy and taught her to trust God through prayer. Rose set goals to improve her credit and start saving money.

Over the following months, the Frederick community helped Rose and her children to become self-sufficient: Rose’s new church helped her obtain a car. Local non-profits helped Rose with a security deposit and initial rent. Most importantly, you invested in Faith House to strengthen Rose spiritually and lead her to independence.

Sentencing for the children’s father is still pending; Rose’s divorce is final. Rose and her children are living in peace, healing emotionally, and growing spiritually. The three were baptized together, and we know that God has a great future planned for the three of them!

*The names in this story have been changed.


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