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Christmas Family

Melissa’s dread of working on Christmas morning evaporated as she realized they were all family. Even though she loves the women and children guest residents, Melissa was not too happy about working the holiday. Like most of us would feel, she preferred to be home with her own family.

When it came time to exchange gifts, she walked dutifully into the living room where the women and
children had gathered. The room was full of presents under the tree – presents donated by wonderful people like you through our Adopt a Resident program. Soon, Melissa’s grumpiness turned to delight as she watched one of the littlest residents pick up the wrapped gifts and announce who they were for while her younger brother brought them to the right person.

That Christmas morning, even though they didn’t purchase the presents themselves, these women “gave”  each other gifts. Melissa experienced their joy for one another as each opened their presents and marveled at what each received. Faith House is more than a house. It is where women and their children can heal from the trauma they experienced before coming here. In this loving and safe atmosphere that your support has made possible, Faith House becomes a home, and a home has a family.

Melissa was (and still is) a staff member, though she certainly did not feel like an employee on that morning — she was part of the family … the family that is Faith House. Melissa continues to carry her Faith House family in her heart and will be ever grateful that she was part of this special Christmas celebration.


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