The Journey of Faith

October 5th of this year marks the 7th anniversary of the loss of our son Nathan. With this month’s focus on faith, there are two main thoughts I would like to share:  1) The challenge of faith and 2) The journey of faith. 

Arnold and Beth Farlow

The challenge of faith is most difficult in the face of tragedy. Since we are aligned with God, we expect our world to be a certain way. Things, events, and certain people come along and disrupt our world. This challenges our faith. For many, faith is a set of propositions with “cause and effect” certainty. For me, my son lived for Christ, and we prayed for him and his safety every day. Yet his last moment on earth was death by a drunk driver on a Houston interstate. This was never supposed to happen – especially if one is living by faith.  

Yet faith is not about outcomes; it is about a relationship – with Jesus. We have to trust God who has an eternal plan that often makes it difficult in this life. There is a bigger purpose in place. Jesus dying on the cross makes this clear. An unspeakable tragedy results in the salvation of those who call on His name. 

The journey of faith is how we overcome. Looking for answers is a journey that will probably only bring pain and frustration. God is “in control”, but a relationship with Him is still essential. When Nathan died, I decided that God was going to be my help; I was going to give Him all my pain and hurt. Seven years later I am still on the journey of giving Him all my pain, hurt, and tears. The key to life is walking and talking with God each day, through everything. The journey of faith is not maintaining certain beliefs in the face of difficulties but seeking His face amid all the challenges. 

At the Mission and Faith House, we believe that life is difficult, and a relationship with Jesus is key to overcoming obstacles and finding victory. Hebrews 11:6 says, “… without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.”  Choose faith for now and for eternity!  


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